Receiving patient feedback is important to the practice and it is always nice to know that going to that extra mile for our patients makes a difference.

I have a new level of confidence and no longer am I hiding my smile,

I would highly recommend evolution dental practice, Sam the principal dentist if you're looking to get any work done. Can not thank Sam enough.

James Paterson

Sam is the first dentist in over 20 years that I have felt at ease with

I would recommend Sam highly as his pleasant manner puts you at ease.

Jackie Murray


I have always been very self conscious of my two front teeth, but Adie at Evolution dental practice has done an amazing job

Fantastic colour match . Amazing service as always!

Pauline Sanderson

Adie is the best dentist I have had. I am 100% confident he will recommend the most appropriate treatment as always

Jacqueline Russell

I've just finished my treatment at Evolution dental practice and I am really pleased with the results.

Marie Usher

I am very grateful and want to again say thank you to Dr Sam Salimi and his team for detecting this "spot" at such a very early stage, and giving me the hope and good chance that this has been a one-off incident. The earliest detection with oral cancer can be crucial in having a good prognosis.
I close with a reminder to keep up your regular dental and hygienist appointments, it could save your life!

A happy patient

Very happy with the treatment received from Adie and the team at Evolution dental practice over the past few months. Very friendly, clean, professional

Scott Hamilton

Adie at Evolution Dental practice is a fantastic dentist and I highly recommend him.

C Smith